Saturday, September 4, 2010

Application Letter Critique

I have written an application letter for a part-time job as an animal keeper in the Singapore Night Safari. They are looking for either Singaporeans or Permanent Residents to apply for this job, which will require the applicant to be responsible for the care and well being of the animals through proper food preparation and feeding regime, as well as animal husbandry. Details of the job application can be found inside the link below.

Link to my selected job advertisement:

Application for part-time animal keeper at Night Safari

September 3, 2010

Night Safari
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826

Dear sir or madam:

I am writing to apply for the part-time job as an animal keeper, offered by you in your recruitment webpage. I am always interested in working with and caring for animals, and I am ready to commit myself in this job. If possible, I will shift from part-time to working full-time for this job.

I believe that I match all the requirements stated for this job, as posted in your recruitment webpage. I am a Singaporean with education level up to Diploma in Biotechnology. I am currently studying in Biological Science degree under National University of Singapore, and will expect to graduate by June 2012. I have completed National Service and I have been certified to be medically fit. I can speak fluent English and I can work happily with others as a team. I have experience in handling live animals, especially during my study for Diploma, when I have been trained to handle live fish and mice. I am also keen in caring for animals and I am enthusiastic in wildlife conservation. During January to July this year, I have volunteered as a Conservation Ambassador in Jurong Birdpark, and now I have enjoyed the experience of spreading the awareness of wildlife preservation to the general public. Now, I wish to take a further step in conserving wildlife, by interacting and caring for animals.

I am enclosing my resume, which will further show my qualifications for this job.

I would appreciate an interview with you at your convenience. I would be free at any weekends.

I look forward to talking with you soon. Thank you for your consideration.


Tan Riyan
Block xxx #xx-xxx
xxxxx Road
Singapore 670xxx



  1. HI Riyan
    I think this is a very well writen application letter. All the examples are good proof that you have the qualities required by the job.

  2. This letter gives me an impression of conciseness. It's brief but all the important key points are presented.

    Just a little picky on the correctness, I think the Sir or Madam should be capitalized.

  3. Hi Riyan,

    You have included everything to show your enthusiasm, skills and experience on the particular job. This is a complete piece of writing. In fact, I think that your application letter has complied with 7Cs of effective writing.

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