Sunday, November 14, 2010

Final Reflection on the Course

It has been more than 12 weeks since I had entered the ES2007S: Professional Communication course module. Now, the course was about to end. Throughout these 12 weeks, I had enjoyed a lot of fun and enlightening moments in dwelling into the fields of professional communication.

I can still remember the first day when I entered this class. The main reason why I had entered this class was because I did not take up many modules for this semester, hence I need to find another module. Then, when I came across this module, I thought that it might prove very useful for me in the future; so I entered this class. After spending 12 weeks in this class, I was glad that I had made a wise choice.

When I first entered this class, everyone in the class was quiet, mainly because we were all strangers to one another. Of course, after the first week, we got to know more about one another after an ice-breaking session on the first day and being grouped together for different kinds of discussions. During the preparations for peer teaching and oral presentation, I made new friends as we had to work as a team. Everyone in the class was friendly and full of fun; it was nice knowing all of them.

As for the classes, they were all enjoyable. Brad is a great teacher. He inspired the class to interact and think, by interacting with the entire class himself. Unlike most lecturers in NUS, he did not "spoon feed" us, but he would give us hints and ideas for us to think for ourselves during his lessons. A few things that he did stress in his lessons, though, was about the importance of intercultural relationships. For example, he did emphasize a lot of times that overgeneralization and stereotyping must be avoided for every intercultural behaviour. For a class filled with a mixture of students from China, Singapore, Malaysia, and even Indonesia and Vietnam, I guess it is reasonable why interracial tolerance must be emphasized repeatedly. Brad had also been helpful in our assignments, such as application letters, resumes, peer teaching and oral presentations. He would give advices on how to correct our English language mistakes in our resumes, application letters and blog posts, and how we should overcome our problems in the peer teaching and oral presentations. For example, my group encountered the problem of not receiving responses from our intended interviewees for our proposal, so Brad advised us to look for Ms. Balkise, secretary of CELC, and even gave us her contacts. Thanks to Brad, we managed to receive some useful information from Ms. Balkise, and use these informations for our proposal.

I have learnt a lot of important lessons throughout this course. Firstly, I have learnt how to write my own resume and application letter, since I have never written them myself before. I have learnt more about interpersonal conflict and interracial relationships through the blog posts posted by my classmates, and how to prevent such unnecessary conflicts by exercising tolerance and understanding to others. From these blog posts, I have learnt many examples of how such cases of interpersonal and interracial conflicts can occur, and how they can be resolved or avoided. From the mock interview sessions, I have learnt what to expect from a real-life job interview, so that I can be more prepared in the future. Then, there are the peer teaching and oral presentation sessions. From these presentations, the stress to make a presentation in front of the entire class would not only make me learn in depth about the topic that I am going to present, it would also build up my confidence in delivering a speech in front of a crowd. Before I entered this course, I was a usually shy person who did not speak much, let alone speaking in front of a crowd. As a result, I would often stutter in front of others during a public speech. After this class, however, I feel more confident in speaking in front of others.

Besides the above mentioned, I have also learnt a lot of other skills, such as conducting an interview, conducting a survey, analyzing statistical results, and many more. There is simply too many things for me to list down.

Like all things, this course would eventually have to come to an end. I would like to say a big word of thank you to Brad, and all the fellow classmates of ES2007S: Professional Communication Group 10.

Thank you for this enjoyable 12 weeks of fun! This module would be my most unforgettable one in my entire stay in NUS!


  1. Hi Riyan,

    It is my pleasure working with you, Leo and Li Shan for the long long project. Haha I'm glad that I'm the first one reading your final reflection. I understand your feelings at this point since they are the same with mine. Time flies sooo fast...

    I also learned a lot from the course. It is my most favorite modules ever.

    Hope to see you around school :)

  2. Hi Riyan :D!

    Absolutely! We have learnt so many skills and this space is too small for us to list down what we have learnt, hahaha!!!

    I was a person who did not like to speak also. However, we still have to move on and eliminate our weaknesses.

    After reading your post, I realised that we both were 'receiving' the same things from Brad and our classmates. Haha...

    Hong, I am the second one reading his final reflection. I understand his feeling also!

  3. Thanks for everything, guys!

    Hope we'll keep in touch!

  4. Hi, Riyan

    It is really a long post. But I know that is because you learnt a lot and had many things to take away from this course. I think that is true for most of us. It's nice working with you in the project.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  5. Hi Riyan,
    I agree with you that Brad didn't "spoon feed" us. He emphasized the main points and inspired us to think more and speak more. I really learned a lot from the way he taught us.
    Good luck and wish you all the best!:)

  6. Hi Riyan,

    Time flies. Like you I learnt alot in this course. The activities in this class was tedious but fun. It allowed us to explore our own weakness and strengths.

    Keep in touch!

  7. Hi Riyan!

    I still remember you were one of the first person i know in the class! haha.
    and that was 13 weeks ago! how fast time flies. =)

    I am sure all the lessons you have learned will stay with you.

    and yes, it was great working together with you for peer teaching! thank you for helping me with my technical difficulty as well. hehe.

    All the best for exams! =)

  8. Thank you, Riyan, for this highly detailed discussion. I appreciate the way you have elaborated on many of your experiences in the course and so many of the learning points. You've emphasized your gratitude for being put in teams and pursuing goals that required you to collaborate. In short, you seem to appreciate my style of teaching. I could feel your support throughout the term, Riyan, and I witnessed your hard work, good attitude toward learning and many contributions to class.

    Best of luck in your future studies and work!

  9. Thank you Brad for your support!

    I would not forget your teachings!

    PS: I would not forget all you guys too! :)