Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review on Project Oral Presentation

I had just recently completed my group's project oral presentation for our ES2007S: Professional Communication module in NUS. My team, also known as Team Gaia, had been conducting a research project to find out the extent of printing paper reduction in NUS, and how to further reduce the usage of printing paper. For weeks, our group have been conducting surveys and interviews just to gain evidence for the background of our project, so that we can prove that paper wastage is still a big problem in NUS despite the current measures taken (such as default double-sided printing in all printing points). After weeks of doing primary research, we had successfully compiled our finds into a proposal, and prepared an oral presentation of our proposal to the entire ES2007S Group 10.

Talking about the presentation, I would like to say again is that the oral presentation is a great way of learning not just for others, but for ourselves too. Frankly speaking, I had never heard of the OES "Paper Recyling Pilot Project" until I am doing this research. The project gave us a chance to see the current trend of printing paper usage in NUS, allowing us to be more aware that we could impose some actions to further reduce the usage of printing paper. More importantly, the stress to present our proposal in front of a group will force us to learn a lot about our presentation topics so that we can be adequately prepared to present. For Team Gaia's oral presentation, I believed that all of us were fully prepared for our presentation and had done very well. This shows that peer pressure can sometimes be a good teacher.

If I were to recall the biggest challenge for our project, I believed that it would be conducting the primary research for our project, mainly the survey and interview. The number of respondents for our survey was not as many as we hoped for, and we had difficulty in contacting the people that we had wanted to interview. This shows that primary research is not as easy as it sounds, since the kind of results that you expect would have to depend on the response of others. When the deadline of the proposal was drawing near, we had no choice but to settle on using the results from the small number of responses.

The project oral presentation is one of the last major presentation for the ES2007S module, so is the ES2007S course module itself. I am glad that our team's oral presentation has finally ended. All of us were happy with our presentations, and we believed our weeks of hard work had finally paid off.

How about you? How do you think about our presentation? Please kindly leave a comment for this post.

Thank you for your kind and generous comments!


  1. Hi Riyan!

    Here are some of the points that I noted down:
    - Clear delivery
    - Clear explanation of background (albeit too long)
    - Good linkage with the problem using environmental issues and saving humans
    - Slightly lengthy presentation (as compared to the rest of the group mates)
    - The mention of 'sh*it' - be careful! :)

  2. HELLO!

    Great job guys! I know you must be relieved your presentation is finally over and you can take a well-deserved break :D

    I noticed the following during your presentation:

    1. As Yong Feng mentioned, be very mindful of your language.
    However, after you said shit(lol), you didn't panic or stress yourself over it but instead carried on with what you were saying. Awesome!

    2. You appeared a little nervous throughout the 20+ minutes... It's just us in the audience. You could have been more relaxed, which in turn would have improved the clarity of your speech :D

    3. Your team came up with quite a number of good reasons to save paper, etc. Maybe you(I mean your team) could have elaborated more on that instead of the time you spent explaining how you did the survey and interview... which the EU might not exactly care about.

    4. The slides seemed a bit 'disconnected' from speaker to speaker... Does anyone else think so? (Or maybe it's just me thinking too much :P )

    Overall, your topic is so interesting!! You should probably hand in your proposal to someone relevant in NUS. Thanks for your presentation guys!

  3. Hi Riyan,

    thanks for your team's presentation, and you did a great job!

    for the language, i think it's not a problem, maybe next time you should be more careful.

    OK, i recorded everyone's presentation time. and i don't know if you noticed that you talked for more than 15 mins... i know you just wanted to show your points, but my suggestion to you(whole team) is to cut some points, just focus on 3 points(Brad told us to show the 3 main points, right?)

    so pls mind the time:)

  4. Hi Riyan,

    Yes, I agree with you that this project brought us to have a closer look into what is happening in NUS. That is good for everyone of us!!

    And yeah, the primary research is not as easy as it sounds. I also expected to have more responses. Hmm...Anyway, it was a good experience! :D

  5. Thanks for all your frank reviews. Actually I had wanted to make the presentation more interesting by trying to talk in a more relaxed manner. Guess I should be watching our for my own mouth.

    Thanks guys anyway!

  6. Thanks for this reflection, Riyan. I see that you focus more on discussing the project itself than on breaking down your OP prep and delivery. That's fine, but I would have liked to have heard what you thought of your own delivery. In any case, you have received some useful feedback that can help you in future presentations. Good luck with those!